Electronic Torque & Angle Wrench


Convenient angle measurement without the need for a reference arm

The DTS Electronic Torque and Angle wrench is designed for simple and precise measurement; featuring realtime display of Torque and Angle reading . With torque accuracy of ±1% and angle accuracy of ±1°, this wrench is ideal in the areas of production, industrial, aerospace, automotive or quality control applications. Compliant ISO-6789-2003 and ASME B107-28-2005. Standard compliant, National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T) certificate.






Square Drive
3/8″ 1/2″
Torque Range
10-100 ft-lb
120-1200 in-lb
13.6-135.6 Nm
300-3000 in-lb
34-340 Nm
Total Length
18 inches | 457.2 mm 25.5 inches | 647.7 mm
2.0 lb | 0.9 kg 3.2 lb | 1.45 kg


Torque Accuracy Within ±1% of Indicated Value of both CW and CCW directions.(10%-100% of F.S)
Angle Accuracy Within ±1º When rotating to 90º at the speed rate @ 2º/s to 400º/s
Operation Mode Track / Peak Hold / Angle
Unit Selection in-lb / ft-lb / Nm
Display 5-digit, alpha-numeric LCD with function and battery indicator icons
Battery Power 2 AA battery up to 400 hours continuous operation
Auto Shut-off After 2 minutes idle or Manual shut off
Tactile Vibration When applied torque is within ±4% tolerance of target torque
Gear Teeth 36 teeth ratchet head
Temperature Drift ±0.0015%/F
Storage Temperature -0ºF to 125ºF
Operating Temperature -40ºF to 110ºF
Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing
Visual, Audible Alerts Track & Peak Mode
Yellow LED, 80% – 96% of Target Torque
Green LED, 96% – 104% of Target Torque
Red LED, > 104% of Target Torque