Micrometer Adjustable Click-Type Torque Wrenches

These adjustable “C” series click-type wrenches are clearly the preferred industrial torquing tool. They are easy to use and provide precision measurement that exceeds the accuracy and range defined by the ASME Standards.

Out-perform all other competitors

Calibrated to ±3% CW and ±5% CCW accuracy, the micrometer adjustable Click-Type Torque Wrenches out-perform all other competitors for threaded fastener installation. Close tolerance manufacturing, six sigma quality assurance and a robust chromed steel housing, insures that these tools will last a lifetime.

The standard C series wrenches are available in three drive sizes and cover torque ranges between 20 in-lb and 250 ft-lb. These 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive sizes are fitted with a strong 36-tooth quick-release ratchet head for easy access in tight work spaces. The permanent roll-marked micrometer adjustment is scaled in both English (in/ft-lb) and Metric (Nm) units for direct setting conversion.

Exceed the accuracy specified in ASME B107.14-2004

All “C” series torque wrenches are accurate to ±3% CW and ±5% CCW of indicated setting between 15% and 100% of full scale. Each torque wrench is calibrated and certified to exceed the accuracy specified in ASME B107.14-2004. Factory calibration is performed on a torque standard that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST). Actual torque readings and individual instrument serial numbers are included on the calibration certificate.



Square Drive

Torque Range

Total Length




1/4 inch

20 – 100 in-lb

11 inch | 280 mm

1.20 lb



1/4 inch

40 – 200 in-lb

16 inch | 330 mm

1.20 lb



3/8 inch

15-100 ft-lb

17 inch | 429 mm

2.07 lb



1/2 inch

20 – 150 ft-lb
33.9 – 210 Nm

24 inch | 505 mm

2.86 lbs



1/2 inch

30 – 250 ft-lb
47.5 – 345 Nm

24 inch | 557 mm

3.16 lb