Electronic Torque & Angle Wrench

Convenient angle measurement without the need for a reference arm

The Best Solution for Nearly all Threaded Fastener Applications

The “DWA” series of electronic torque and angle wrenches is the best solution for nearly all threaded fastener applications. Even the simple application of nuts and bolts in today’s efficient assembly designs often require a torque pre-load for proper seating and a subsequent angular rotation for proper loading. This wrench employs the recent evolution of precision torque and angular-momentum sensing to control both parameters sequentially in a single continuous motion of the wrench. It locates itself anywhere in space to provide a positional reference for angular rotation of the handle around the integral ratcheting square-drive axis.

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface works with the high-contrast LCD display to show torque and angle preset values, display modes and units selection, “ft-lb,” “in-lb” and “Nm”. Its real-time digital readout (auto track mode) emulates the precision of a dial type torque wrench. Its torque and angle preset function emulates the familiar click-type torque wrench by producing a handle vibration, LED indicators and an audible alert at torque and/or angle preset measurement. Tri-colored LED’s provide real-time early-warning, torque/angle attainment and over-torque alert. The display also captures peak torque readings in tightening or loosening directions, generally CW to identify maximum torque installations and CW or CCW break-away torque for quality audits of preinstalled fasteners.


The Most Advanced Torque and Angle Wrench on the Market

The DWA features +/-1% accuracy of reading between 10% and 100% of full scale in both CW and CCW directions. The wrench is useable down to 5% of full scale with +/-3% of reading precision. Its solid-state gyro sensor responds to angular momentum with a 1° precision when driven at a nominal speed of rotation. This wrench will retain calibrated accuracy through 5,000 full-scale torque measurements or 20,000 1/2-scale measurements. Three wrench sizes are available, providing 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive, 36-tooth, ratchet heads, covering 20 in-lb to 250 ft-lb torque capacity. The DWA is unquestionably the most advanced torque and angle wrench on the market. Conveniently powered by two replaceable AA Alkaline cells, the battery provides up to 200 hours of continuous operation. Designed and manufactured by professionals for professionals, this versatile wrench, is intended for use in industrial, aerospace, automotive repair, reliability labs and quality assurance environments.

All DWA series torque &angle wrenches comply with ASME B107.28-2005 (Type 1) and ISO-6789-2003 Standards. Factory calibration is performed using certified bars and weights that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (N.I.S.T.). Angular measurement is factory calibrated to a 90° rotation standard. Actual torque and angle readings and individual instrument serial numbers are included on the calibration certificate.


Square Drive

Torque Range

Total Length




1/4 inch

1 – 20.7 ft-lb
12.5 – 250 in-lb
1.3 – 28 Nm

13 inches | 331 mm

1.5 lb



3/8 inch

5.0 – 100.0 ft-lb
60 – 1200 in-lb
6.78 – 135 Nm

18 inches | 460 mm

2.2 lb



1/2 inch

12.5 – 250.0 ft-lb
150 – 3000 in-lb
17 – 340 Nm

26.5 inches | 675 mm

3.4 lb