Torque Meter Pro – SPM Series

//Torque Meter Pro – SPM Series

Torque Meter Pro – SPM Series

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  • ±1% accuracy of torque from 10% – 100%.
  • Torque applicable in both CW & CCW
  • Useable from 4% of full scale with ±3% of reading.
  • Warning LED, Buzzer and Vibration
  • Li-Ion Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Up to 300 hours of continuous operation
  • Charger adaptor 110-240V AC included
  • Self contained Torque meter
  • Easy to use. No Training needed
  • Auto power off after 2 minutes
  • Eliminates hand position error

Model Drive Range Length Weight
(in-lb) (ft-lb) (Nm) inch mm lbs kg
SPM-0502 3/8″ 24 – 600 2 – 50 3 –  67.8 3.5″ X 2″ 88.9X51 1.3 0.59
SPM-1002 3/8″ 48 – 1200 4 – 100 6  – 135 3.5″ X 2″ 88.9X51 1.3 0.59
SPM-1503 1/2″ 72 – 1800 6 – 150 8 – 200 3.75″ X 2″ 94X51 1.5 0.68
SPM-2503 1/2″ 120 – 3000 10 – 250 13.5  – 340 3.75″ X 2″ 94X51 1.5 0.68
SPM-4004 3/4″ 192 – 4800 16 – 400 21.5 – 542 4.5″ X 2″ 114X51 2.0 0.91
SPM-6004 3/4″ 288 – 7200 24 – 600 32.5 – 813 4.5″ X 2″ 114X51 2.0 0.91
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Simple Intuitive user Interface

The “SPM” series of self-contained electronic torque meters are built on a Digitool Solutions’ exclusive rotatable platform. These meters transform any large wrench or non-impact driver into a high-precision torque instrument. They feature a simple, innovative user interface for torque preset of fastener installation specifications. Tri-colored visual indicators, an audible signal, and a tactile vibration provides preset alerts at torque attainment. Built on a robust square-drive extension and installed between the tool and the component being tightened, these meters are free of hand-hold position error that is typical with common torque wrenches.


Torque Accuracy Within ±1% of Setting

Six models, with square-drives covering 24 “in-lb” to 600 “ft-lb” and 3 to 813 “Nm” with tools that function in both CW and CCW directions while maintaining torque measurement accuracy to within ±1% between 10% to 100% of full scale. The meter can be used down to 4% of full-scale setting while retaining ±3% accuracy. Furthermore, with the extra-precision torque sensing and higher resolution analog to digital conversion, the SPM is intended for critical industrial, aerospace, laboratory and quality control applications. The glass filled nylon housing is strong enough for heavy industrial use. A built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery system provides 300-hours of continuous operation. A global 110-240V AC wall transformer is included for charging. This meter is compliant with both ISO and ASME B107-28 (Type 1) Standards. A certificate of calibration with N.I.S.T. traceability is provided with each meter.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

3/8", 1/2", 3/4"


24 – 600 in-lb / 2 – 50 ft-lb / 3 – 67.8 Nm, 48 – 1200 in-lb / 4 – 100 ft-lb / 6 – 135 Nm, 72 – 1800 in-lb / 6 – 150 ft-lb / 8 – 200Nm, 120 – 3000 in-lb / 10 – 250 ft-lb / 13.5 – 340 Nm, 192 – 4800 in-lb / 16 – 400 ft-lb / 21.5 – 542 Nm, 288 – 7200 in-lb / 24 – 600 ft-lb / 32.5 – 813 Nm

Dimension (inch)

3.5" x 2", 3.75" x 2", 4.5" x 2"

Weight (lbs)

0.55, 0.72

168 reviews for Torque Meter Pro – SPM Series

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