Torque Testers Pro – SPT Series

The SPT Series Tester can check any Torque Tool for Calibration Accuracy


The “SPT” series of torque testers are high precision quality control instruments. They are small enough to be carried to the workshop and mounted on a heavy roll cart, service vehicle or directly onto any solid horizontal or vertical structure using the included angle bracket. These testers are suitable for testing and calibration for adjustable torque instruments such as: electronic wrenches, mechanical click-type wrenches, dial and beam wrenches, and non-impacting power screwdrivers and torque controlled drivers.

Featuring an innovative “Go-No-Go” alert indicator, the First Peak mode provides quick identification of the clicktype wrench setting. Geared toward validating the accuracy of micrometer adjustable wrenches,“click” accuracy within ±3% of setting shows a green indication, within ±4% a yellow indication and greater than ±4% a red indication. See the example diagram:

A calibration certificate with National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) traceability is provided with each tester. SPT series are compliant with both ISO and ASME B107-29 ASME B107.29-2005 Type 1 Class B