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Torque wrench shootout: Digitool Solutions vs. the premium brand

I was very happy for two reasons. First, my expensive torque wrench doesn’t need to be calibrated yet, which saves me money. Second, the Digitool Solutions torque wrench was extremely impressive.

To sum it up, which you can gather from the video, these are the features which are unique to the DTS torque wrench, aside from extreme accuracy: … Read more at www.vehicleservicepros.com

Roger, Vehicle Service Pros

“We have been using Digitool’s torque products for our surface grinders, lathes, mills, and even CNC machines. Their products are very well designed with the customers’ ease of use in mind. They have thought about the many little nuances that exist in competitor products and made a better version and at a more reasonable price too.”

Ken P., Kent USA

The Digitool Solutions Portable Torque and Angle Meter is a simple-to-use, digital readout device that displays real-time torque values in any of the three torque units: ft/lbs, in/lbs and Nm. This tool can conveniently be used with any current ratcheting wrenches (regardless of the length), breaker bars or sliding T-handle tools.

Features include a five-alphanumeric digit LCD display, a rechargeable li-ion battery that holds up to 300 hours of continuous use, three-light LED/tone/vibration notification system and ratcheting angle memory. Three modes available: Track, Peak or Angle, with a charging adapter included …Read more at www.vehicleservicepros.com

Full Product Review, Vehicle Service Pros

“Digitool Solutions’s Torque and Angle Meter is so easy to use, I was able to use it right out of the box!”

Matt D., Orange, CA

“I applaud your product for being able to do everything that you claimed, and for being able to do it with ease.”

Frank G., Orange, CA

“Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to test the DTS-250F electronic torque wrench. We were very impressed with it’s +/- 1% Clockwise/Counter Clockwise, the LCD display, the three indicators (LED light, Buzzer and Vibration) and the ease of use. We primarily used DTS-250f in the peak mode with FT-LBS units; however, it was very convent to simply press a button to change the unit type. These features allow the user to be more productive which in the end saves time and money. Also the method to increase and decrease the targeted torque can be done with ease. We no longer have to waste time twisting and turning a handle to achieve the targeted torque and once completed wasting time to reset the torque wrench. Overall your product does what is expected in a more simplistic fashion.”

Josh, Oshkosh Defense

“The DTS Torque Meter is amazing! I use it on a daily basis and I have yet to have to charge the battery within the last two months.”

Mason P., Dallas, TX

We have a full range of meters, testers, and wrenches for all torque needs.

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