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Torque Testers

Reduce down time in automotive repair shops by allowing in-house checks of torque wrench calibration.

Essential for any Manufacturing or Industrial Tool Room

The “TC” series torque checkers, with included mounting bracket, are essential for any manufacturing or industrial tool room that issues torque measurement instruments. They reduce down time in automotive repair shops by allowing in-house checks of torque wrench calibration. With accuracy better than +/-1% of reading between 10% and 100% of full scale in both CW and CCW directions, these digital torque checkers insure that adjustable wrenches are correctly set. Torque reading begins at 5% of full scale!

Available in four sizes, covering 2.5 ft-lb to 250 ft-lb, these checkers facilitate all square-drive sizes in compliance with the ASME B107-28 (Type 1) Standard. With certified National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) traceability this checker is qualified to provide calibration of all torque instruments in the 4% or lower precision range.

Intuitive User Interface

A torque Preset function, where the tri-color visual indicator, audible sounder and tactile vibration alert, deliver feedback for early-warning and over-torque conditions. The large 4-digit LCD display provides Units selection and instant conversion between ft-lb, in-lb and Nm torque values. The checker’s battery consists of three conveniently replaceable AAA Alkaline cells that last up to 400 hours of continuous operation.

The TC testers are compliant with ISO-6789-2003 and ASME B107.28-2005 (Type I) Standards. A calibration certificate with National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.) traceability is provided with each tester.

The digital torque checkers feature three modes of operations

1. Normal Track mode for monitoring applied torque in real time. This is most useful when checking/calibrating electronic, dial or bending beam type wrenches or drivers.
2. Automatic Peak mode captures the maximum torque applied which is useful for training wrench users to avoid over-torque applications.
3. The First Peak mode is selectable for use in capturing the “click” of mechanical click-type wrenches and drivers even if unintentionally over-driven by the user.

An innovative “Go-NoGo” alert indication is active in the First Peak mode for quick identification of click-type wrench setting. Click accuracy within +/-3% shows a green indication, within +/-4% a yellow indication and greater than +/-4% a red indication. See the example diagram below.